samedi 28 octobre 2017

PizzaGate: the biggest scandal of all time?

This case, the Pizza Gate, should have been in the news for a few days on the front page of newspapers and TVs around the world. So much that it reveals day after day is more than enormous: neither more nor less than the biggest scandal ever revealed to my knowledge. A Dutroux case has the power 50 at the international level, involving a number of powerful phenomenal, in America, in Europe, in the Gulf Monarchies, to Morocco it seems. An affair which, if treated seriously by those whose duty it is to inform you, would raise all the peoples of the planet in a unanimous concert of indignation and lead to an immense sweep of elites. However, it is not. Or almost. We choke, without completely silence, but we stifle it's obvious. Most of the (some) articles put forward (as if by chance) a new "conspiracy theory", a very practical formula intended, after decades of disinformation and decerva- tion at Orwell's "animal farm" immediately discrediting any launcher alert. This is the method, the same since always, the same, and it works really well. Each one subject to the decerveling being done, without having devoted a minute of his life in search of a so-called alternative truth, the media agent of this machine to blind a collective. What is it about? Everything started with the mailing of Hillary Clinton and his campaign team by Wikileaks and Julien Assange (this great friend of Putin, you know ...). And of their study, by the team Assange certainly, but also by the FBI.

These (the investigators) discovered, on their reading, the same thing as the whistleblowers. Strange e-mails from John Podesta, campaign director for the Democratic candidate (and members of Clinton and then Obama administrations), his brother Tony (one of Washington's most powerful men) and others, as well as other of the candidate herself. These e-mails with amazing content contained countless times the words "pizza", "cheese", "pasta", "domino". With expressions for the least suspicious: "beating pasta", "domino with cheese rather than with pizza" etc. Language code of course. Who really seems to be: "hotdog" for boy; pizza for girls; cheese for little girl; "pasta" for little boy "ice cream" for male prostitute; "nuts" for people of color; "card" for semen; "sauce" for orgy. Some extracts that are worth it: "Do you think I'll do better dominoes on cheese than on pasta?" "Obama spent about $ 65,000 to have pizza / hotdogs delivered from Chicago for a private party at the White House. " "I'll sacrifice a chicken in the garden in honor of Moloch," Cheryl Mills wrote to Hillary Clinton. It's up to you to find out who Moloch is. You'll see, it's easy to find, and it leads straight to the heart of the case. We talk about email exchanges between very powerful people from the political world.

We also talk about the Clinton Foundation, wet in countless financial scandals, precisely denounced by the thunderous Trump during the debates (which had been informed by the teams of Julien Assange), scandals that the American public knows well. The FBI in Washington recently, badly prepared but made difficult by internal brakes within the agency itself (the FBI is infiltrated) leads to the revelation of this: a traffic of children to on the international level, pedophilia and torture, satanic rituals on these, and even cannibalism. Proofs ? There are plenty, we can now find on Youtube and elsewhere. Two family pizza, Best Pizza and Comet Ping Pong, that Hillary knows, closed at noon and organizing private events in the evening. Whose "menu cards" are full of pedophile and satanic signs? Whose director has in his room, in his room, works of art representing children attached or even tortured? And where we have filmed a microphone in the hand saying laughing that we can (I quote) "have very special tastes" (and where we hear a participant let go "yes, children!"). Instagram accounts of participants (since closed or made private) or we see photos of children attached and or comments are more than explicit. That too you can find it still on google, the whistleblowers have made all possible screenshots imaginable, the proofs are still there, available, for who wants to know. On the walls of the Comet Ping Pong, the works of an artist, Kim Noble, whose extremely unhealthy works expose sexual acts on children? On the site of the said artist, a taste displayed for cannibalism and occult symbolism. So many other proofs that I will not mention so many. An enlightened mind can only draw all the conclusions. And to wonder: why in front of so many convergent beams and this silence and accusations of "conspiracy theory"? In short, who covers who and what designs?

The testimonies flow and abound all in the same direction. The case of little Madeleine Mc Cann, who died in May 2007, was just an epiphenomenon. Thousands of children mysteriously disappear in every corner of the planet. The investigation of the FBI (strange ...) has so far not worried two seconds both politicians and celebrities (I will not reveal the names of the latter: you hallucinate), just catching in their nets of second knives. To conclude, this is what an FBI informant said after having seen the entire file last February. These statements are sufficient, it seems to me, at the inquiry stage, to awaken consciences. I leave him the last word: "There are internal and evil forces trying to thwart the operation. The cloaca called DC is a great arena of extortions of all kinds. Our politicians are either extorted for pedophilia, or they are in the pockets of Bankers, oil magnates, Israel or Saudi Arabia. If Israel and the Saudis can no longer blackmail politicians for their sexual deviance, where do they earn so much money to influence these countries? If bankers cannot stop the destruction of their puppet politicians, how do they keep the "correction" in place? Our agencies are just as compromised. Our internal security and defense apparatus became politically corrupted by Saudi money and the Zionist lobby. How can we stand aside as our powerful leaders impose the law on one hand and sexually abuse our children with another? "

Ps: The photo illustrating the article was published by one of the participants of the famous parties at the Best Pizza on his Instagram account. It gave rise to many very explicit comments

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