lundi 26 juin 2017

Bird out of the cage

Many thanks to all of you (hundreds!) for your private messages for my 52 birthday. From France, Brazil, Greece, Argentina, Paraguay, USA, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Turquey, Belgium, Northway. All my friends all over our world.

You can’t believe how deep is my pleasure discovering them from yesterday. And how happy I am to have decided last august to open this “World Wild Tour” with Neo. As a rebirth, really, never felt so free and so “young” (no bottox, sweeties !) since we left.

Never wrote, published so easily and so much. Never had the chance and privilege to be read everyday by thousands of people all over the globe. I’ll keep on doing that for years because this is the deep reason on my life, its meaning in a way : read our world in a free and dissident way and I hope as clear and honest as possible. Refusing doxas, intimidations, limits decided by power and finance. Refusing materialism and embracing freedom of being and of expression, and respecting all differences. Big deal !

Have a great summer all of you, folk’s. And be like a bird : free of chains ! Kisses from Paradise

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